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Across the spectrum and throughout the life span

Autism Speaks is committed to making 2020 the "Year of Kindness" for people with autism, with a bold goal to achieve one million acts of kindness, big and small.

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There is no one type of autism, but many.

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One of the most important things you can do.


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Person with Autism

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Walk family with smiling girl

Together, there's no limit to what we can do.

With every step you take and every dollar you raise, you help enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

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Be Kind

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Meet Leilani M.
Leilani M. | 15 years old
Too often people think that non-verbal people don’t have anything to say because they can’t speak, but that is so far from the truth.
Read Leilani M.'s Story
Meet Greg and Julie Y.
Greg and Julie Y.
My hope is that my family and I can inspire other people to get involved and make a difference in whatever way they can. I believe in what we are doing and feel fortunate to be a part of it.
Read Greg and Julie Y.'s Story
Meet Lisa H.
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What inspired me to really step up my donations was the Autism Cares grant program. Anything I can do to reduce the burden on other families in similar situations, I will do.
Read Lisa H.'s Story
Meet Colleen S.
Colleen S.
With close ties to the autism community and passion for giving back, Colleen decided to get involved with Autism Speaks after seeing a friend’s social media post promoting a gala in her home state of Georgia.
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- Dr. Stephen Shore

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